Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's How I Roll

So, it happens when you work with fiddly bolts and diodes and springs and radishes -- every once in a blue moon you drop something. Well, daily, ok hourly. Alright, most days I drop more parts than I put on. Anyway, today, just as I was finishing a big job, I dropped a screw.

Now a government worker would have just called it a donation to gravity and moved on. OK, just kidding, I know most government workers would have blamed it on someone else and referred the matter to their shop steward. But I'm a contractor and I look bad if my repairs don't hold up, so I got down on one knee and scanned the floor for the runaway screw. I never get down on two knees or squat anymore because the cracking and creaking is deafening.

And there I am, down on one knee and bent forward when my government coworkers round the corner. And I don't know why but it just occurred to me to bring one arm up to my forehead and complete the Tebow. It was a big hit with the government guys. (who were between their pre-break and regular break, or possibly on their way to their after-break) I told them that I like to Tebow whenever I finish a job.

They all agreed that it was a fine tradition and promised to do the same should they ever one day (accidentally) finish a job.


MAX Redline said...

Excellent! Great lines, great writing, great imagery, and dead-on with regard to government "workers" and their pre-breaks and regular breaks. Best post I've seen in days!