Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Look, Up In the Sky

Know how our protestors wear scarves and masks? To protect from reprisals, man.

Yeah, well in Russia there's reason to fly under the radar. I mean they do reprisals for recreation in Russia. That's why I admire the Russian photoshoppers who treat Putin the way I do Obama. The smart ones probably upload over their neighbors wi-fi.


lumberjack said...

OK, well it looks like all the old comments are gone.

I have them downloaded so I'll try to get them reinstalled, but I hope you understand, I can't go back and type in 5 years worth of comments.

Anyway, you remember what you said.

lumberjack said...

also, let me know how this is working for you.

Ten Mile Island said...


tomg51 said...

Giant Canadian goose!?
Is there a rocket launcher in there somewhere?

Anonymous said...

It has laser eyes and razor sharp talons....can't you see them?