Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sorta Pleased to Meet You

Isn't it cool when you introduce a new pet into the mix? They usually start off with an instinctive defense of the castle. ("Hey Dad, I caught this creature in the living room. I think he's trying to get our dog food.") But then after you make it clear that the new animal is one of us, they slowly feel each other out -- seeing if this is an entity they can live with.

These are web-found animals by the way. But they reminded me of when we brought home Susie, our long haired pug mix. Our Jack Russel, Spot, went nuts. He was sure that Susie was just a larger, juicier version of the yard-rabbits that were a main part of his outlaw diet. I had to hold her at shoulder level to keep her from his teeth.

And even at that height, he latched on once or twice. He caught a foot at one point and refused to let go -- he just hung there in the air like some sort of dog ornament.

We finally had to put Susie in a dog carrier so he could get used to her without the danger of her losing an ear. And of course, they did get used to each other. Susie was Spot's complete opposite. He was the hunter and she was his chubby Sancho Panza. He would tear through the yard hunting rabbits; she trotted around happily, sniffing at butterflies.

They became the best of friends and when Susie died, many years later, Spot would carry stuffed toys out to where she was buried. Sadly, he was asking her to come back and play.

But, well, point of the post, it never starts out like that.


Gino said...

sorry for the loss. i know, it was just dogs, but sometimes, even dogs can feel for each other just like cats do.

Anonymous said...

What a sad, touching story. The downside of pet ownership. It makes you understand there is no point to life.

San Diego Wedding Photography said...

Well, this only shows that animals have also emotions of their own. I hope that spot could find another playmate so that he won't be sad at all.