Thursday, September 13, 2012

News Biz

This image seems to be from a real CNN advertisement. I found it on Gore's magnificent web. It was in a collection of pics though; I didn't see it on their site.

But what a strange way to advertise. You would think they want to project an image of impartial news gathering. Being in Obama's pocket is something you don't normally admit.

Anyway I'm sure by now you've heard the tape of NPR, CBS, and others conspiring against Romney before that last press conference. I have to give this revelation a big "well duh?" Of course they're in the tank for Obama. It's nice to have evidence but the bias has been pretty obvious for awhile now.

As for the horror at the embassy, it's all just so sad. I'd be surprised if any of those killed even knew of the existence of this "anti-islam" film. The film was just an excuse used by murderous thugs to justify their evil deeds. I actually think Romney could have waited a few days to point out that being nice to them doesn't work. It's no big transgression though. The news media is blowing it up to distract from their candidate's policy failure.