Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rapido y Furioso

"Rapido y Furioso," it's more than just a description of Oprah and Michelle Obama when the waiter arrives with the mashed potatoes. It seems that Univision is going to do the job that the American media has been avoiding: investigating Fast and Furious, one of the most shameful US government programs ever.

From day one I have been trying to find a non-horrible explanation for the ATF actually facilitating the "walking" of powerful weapons across the border into Mexico. Note, these weren't weapons they tried to track but failed to keep track of. These were weapons they didn't try to track.

The ATF expected to catch up with them when the Mexican police recovered some of them from the drug cartels, but they seem to have had little interest in the damage done in between. Why? Could it be that Mexican lives aren't valuable when compared to good that could come from this program? And what good could come from it? What good at all except that it would bolster the Administration argument for more gun control on our side of the border.

Can you imagine Obama pointing to Mexican tragedies, tragedies that his ATF helped create and saying that these precious lives demand our protection. These precious lives, that we hoped would become our ammunition for stricter gun laws, these lives that weren't important to us when we calculated the risk vs reward of Fast and Furious, these lives are now important enough to protect.

I'm sorry. Give me any other explanation that makes sense.

I can't imagine Obama getting a single Mexican American vote. Not one.


Gino said...

Obama will get the majority of Mex-Am votes. trust that.

the NRA was on to fast/furious years ago, when the mex govt kept complaining about usa weapons arriving to arm the cartels, and the usa govt was mentioning the need for 'greater control' domestically...

the NRA did some investigation of its own, and reported the presence of shady stuff going that they could not put their finger on... (but we can now.)

Foxfier said...

Rationally, there wouldn't be anyone that highly identifies with Mexico voting for Obama.

Just like folks who care about Israel shouldn't be doing it.

Or anyone that cares about post-birth babies being killed.

People don't make sense.