Monday, September 10, 2012

Reason to Vote

Found: President Obama's economic advisers.

Ever turn on the Drudge in the morning and then wish you hadn't? First we find that our car company is losing $49,000 per Chevy Volt. Then we find out that the a 16% raise isn't good enough for the nation's highest paid teachers so they're going on strike.

BTW, I actually knew about the Volt losing money, I was surprised at how much though. One installation where I work has a several Volts. Which makes it worse -- it's the government buying from the government car company, losing money on every transaction on vehicles they don't need and won't use. (As Joe Biden would say: "Other than that, it's a win-win situation")

And here's the other thing about the Chicago teachers union, benefits are usually what are most out of line. If you look at the Wisconsin salaries, benefits were often more than a third of the salary. That would make the Chicago average more than $110,000.

Well, not my business. If the good people of Chicago want to charge the median $47k households significantly more for the privilege of having their children taught by the greediest teachers in the country, more power to um.

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Ten Mile Island said...

I'm sure it was tasty.

Okay...I guess we just need to admit that nobody reads books any more. If you ever were to read a book about the Russian Revolution, you'd see how that turned out.

1917-1920 the Bolsheviks introduced the Moneyless Economy.

It worked:

b)Not so great.
d)None of the above.

There are only so many possible outcomes when governments mandate things. For example, a technology that doesn't pencil out.

For all those who believe we can and should get rid of money, just one brief revelation; you can fly!

Yup, you can fly. Try this at home: climb up on your roof, spread your wings, remember you really have to believe, and then, step off the roof! You'll be flying!

Your ideas are more powerful than any other force in the universe. Use your powers well. I'll be looking up, looking for you!