Thursday, March 08, 2007

Call the glass company

"Together we can break that hardest and highest of all glass ceilings and together when we do it will be all of our victory."
Cracked isn't broken. (anyway, there's a layer of Lexan on top)


Wrymouth said...

That's a quote?! That's the rationale for electing Hillary -- because she's a girl? I'm supposed to vote for a candidate to set a precedent?

Oh -- I get it! Precedent of the United States!

Good one, Senator!

markm said...

Well, she does have to give Democratic voters some reason to pick her over the others in the primary. And she does appear to be technically female, although maybe there ought to be a blood test...

Last week, Ann Coulter had to apologize for implying Edwards was a faggot - that is, she had to apologize to gay men... I tried to think of something you could compare Edwards to without insulting it. Sharks - no. Scum-sucking bottom feeders - hey, catfish aren't that bad. Hillary - bingo!