Friday, March 09, 2007

One Goal

Obey apologizes:

I am sorry that I yelled at them. I respect their passion on the issue, I wish they would respect mine.
Really, there should have been no friction. Obey wants to abandon the Iraqi people in his way and the people he yelled at want to abandon the Iraqi people in their way. Let's stop this infighting, people. Let's unite behind our common desire for defeat.


PGP said...

Imagine the frustration of people who possess actual sense to Obey's STUPIDITY !

Anonymous said...

"I respect their passion"?!

The Dems have mutated into a herd of narcissistic twits who get in touch with their feelings all day. WTF does "passion" have to do with anything at all?

citizenlurker said...

having delivered embarrassing public meltdowns, i can assure you that being described as "passionate" is newspeak for "bigmouth ignorant dumbass who is too stupid to be expected to know when he's making an ass of himself -- much less than being expected to know when his information is weak/wrong/naive/alloftheabove -- so let's all forgive him his ignorant behavior and hope we grown ups can continue solving problems in spite of him."

... or something to that effect.

Think of a Southern Belle complimenting your wife's outfit as "nice."

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but are you casting aspuhsions on Southern Belles? For shame, suh, for shame. I uhge you to reconsiduh, as any true gentleman would.

I do believe I'm getting the vapors...please pass my smelling salts.

lumberjack said...

No vapors please.

I never know what to do when they get the vapors. Usually the best I can do is blame the dog.

Bad lumberdog! Bad!