Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Noted in passing

After a fruitful life, Ernest Gallo has passed on:

BERKELEY, Calif. - Ernest Gallo, who parlayed $5,900 and a wine recipe from a public library into the world's largest winemaking empire, died Tuesday at his home in Modesto. He was 97. "He passed away peacefully this afternoon surrounded by his family," said Susan Hensley, vice president of public relations for E.&J. Gallo Winery.
You know, if one day you wake up and just decide that you're tired of working for the man, and you've had it with the rat race, and that personal hygiene is overrated, and you don't really need a roof over your head; you should pick up a few bottles of the twin titans of bum-wines: Ernest Gallo's Night Train, and Thunderbird. They're the twin pillars that support the exit ramp to the homeless shelter. Is that too harsh? I suppose it's true that you can achieve the same result with wines that require a corkscrew to open, but for ease of use, I'd have to cast my vote for the Gallo products.


talnik said...

Countless lives ruined because Ernest Gallo went to the library.

markm said...

Hardly, There have always been many batches of wine that didn't come out quite as intended, and there's always been a low-priced market for them with those who think that if they notice the taste, they aren't drunk enough yet. (There was a time I was a member of that crowd. The booze was *not* to blame.) Gallo just figured out how to cut out unnecessary overhead such as tasting and grading the different batches...