Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cathy Seipp

Word is that Cathy Seipp, who has struggled with lung cancer for four years now, won't be getting out of the hospital this time. That is, the doctors think she won't - she has a history of doing better than what her doctors expect.

If you're unfamillar with her writing you chould check out her archives at her blog, or at NRO. One of my favorite lines:

"I read somewhere that there are all these statements in the Koran about how dirty dogs are. Same stuff in the Old Testament too. But you can go beyond that too. I say don't trust a religion if they haven't gone beyond disliking dogs."
God bless, Cathy.

***Update: Another favorite:
[concerning clueless criticism of the VP's hunting accident]
No one knows better what really happens during quail-hunting accidents than a drunk attorney.

Before [Cathy's dad] changed his granddaughter's first diaper, he had to steel himself for a week by staring at dog droppings on the street.

So many of her lines make me laugh out loud.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, such a sad story. The amazing thing is that Cathy is still hanging on, according to the latest post today at Ray Richmond's That just shows the kind of spirit and chutzpah this woman has...such a love for life. Cathy's friend Amy Alkon also has been posting some detailed updates at her