Saturday, March 03, 2007

Different News

When I saw the headline I assumed it was more global warming:

Girls at U.N. meeting urge global action
So the first lines didn't make sense to me:
*A 16-year-old Nepalese girl burst into tears describing her work in a match factory to help support her mother.
*A Jordanian teen spoke out about violence against girls in rural areas.
*A former child soldier from Congo cried when she recalled her suffering as a sex slave.
So where was:
* A high school student from Ohio said she really sweat a lot last August, "what with George Bush making it warmer, and all."
What was there makes me glad I live in America. From the child working in the match factory:
"The most important message is that governments should ensure that every working child gets a free education," said Sunita Tamang, lamenting that in her community in Nepal "people think that if you educate a girl child, it will only embarrass you."
Every working child? How sad.


kidbuck said...

"Look at me — I work in a match factory and today I have been able to come here and share my feelings and experiences with you all."

You all? Just where is this match factory refugee from? Georgia?

markm said...

The only global action that will actually improve these kids' lives is getting rid of the socialists and thuggocrats that drain most of the life out of their countries' economies. The UN building would be a good place to start the mass hangings...