Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ouchie Medicine

Japan's Ritsumeikan University researchers unveil a prototype model of the micro medical robot, measuring 1cm in diameter, 2cm in length and weighing only 5-grammes, which enables it to stay and move inside a human body to remove or treat the affected part of disease especially cancer, at the Biwako Kusatsu campus of the university in Kusatsu city, Shiga prefecture near Kyoto.
OK, first question has to be, why the pincers? Second question is: nope, not in my body. Haven't these guys seen any of those movies where the machines become self-aware and decide the first order of business is to melt the humans? I'll be darned if I want that critter mucking about inside me when that flag goes up. And what's 1cm by 2 cm? That's about the size of a baked potato, right? No sir, I'd rather have a trained June bug do this kind of work. If the June bug runs amuck, then send the robot in with Diazinon.


sarah k said...

LJ, you're so naive. You probably already have something similar planted in your body... Mrs LJ surely planted one to do her bidding years ago...

Wrymouth said...


stop it!

that was one of the funniest paragraphs I've read this year.


markm said...

It's about the size of a dime. Which I wouldn't want crawling around inside of me, even without them pincers. OTOH, if the alternative was major surgery to cut out a tumor and this little guy could carve it up with those pincers and leave through the same 1 cm hole it came in through, I'd think about it.

Just tell me two things: if it goes rogue, how long until the battery dies? And how are you going to retrieve it if it hasn't crawled back out before then?