Thursday, March 22, 2007

Edwards Will Carry On

Tell you the truth, I don't know what to think about John Edwards' decision to keep his presidential campaign going despite his wife's illness. Seems to me that his wife's wishes are most important at this point - and she may be as excited as he is to have a shot at the White House. I can see someone in her position saying that there's nothing she'd rather do than continue as part of this campaign. If that's the case, then more power to her. I, along with many others I'm sure, will pray for her.

As to what this will mean to the campaign, well, who knows? The situation shouldn't serve to curtail criticism of John. But I imagine that, even if it's on a subconscious level, concern for Elizabeth Edwards will keep us Edwards critics a little subdued. He'll have to quit asking for it though.


Anonymous said...

I imagine she (and he) don't want to disrupt their lives because it would feel like giving up, or at least giving in. In any case, not our place to criticize. They're doing what's right for them, and that's fine.

But yeah, this personal tragedy shouldn't give him a political pass.

Although, really, you might've waited a day....

Sluggo_f16 said...

Here is something to ponder... after he gets his ass handed to him in the Dhimmocrat primary, and due to the stress of campaigning his wifes health accelerates down the toilet..I wonder what comfort he will have that he spent the time with her productively. He is a poofer!

lumberjack said...

Now, now, if you think about it from JE's and his wife's point of view, this stuff is probably fun.

John gets attention from multitudes of people every day. The only way a normal guy like me could get that much exposure would be by taking off my clothes and running out on the field at the Super Bowl. (again)

And BTW, I admit I could have waited a day, but take note: I didn't put lipstick on him. (odd, I've been going around all morning thinking of myself as sensitive because I didn't put lipstick on a guy)

PGP said...

Since his wife is the one who's sick and since he thinks his political career is more important than his immediate responsibility to his spouse....... I'd say that kicking his ass is highly appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry, wrong. End of story. This says it, as usual better than I ever could: