Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Dogs Can Read My Mind

This is spooky... so I'm in the kitchen trimming chicken for a sofrito chicken/rice dish I like to call "Castro's Dead - Have Some Chicken" (which is very similar to my popular "Castro's Dead - Have Some Pork" only with a few ingredient changes) So anyway, I'm trimming these absolutely huge chicken breasts when I come across a bit that is too ragged to stay on the breast but too big to just toss out, so I think, "I'll just fry this up for the dogs." So, and this is the spooky part, as soon as I make the decision, I hear the click-click-click of doggy nails on linoleum. They skitter to a stop in front of me and look up. Yes? Got something for us? Like I said, spooky.

And this isn't the first time it's happened. Last week I was making the kid a sandwich when they came skittering in.... Though, to be fair, the thought they "read" that time was more like an idle thought, and it concerned Angelina Jolie, not food scraps. Still, spooky, huh?

OK, so I know, they probably just heard some kitchen noise and took a cue from that. I don't really think the dogs can read my mind. It's bad enough that they tell me to do things.... Hey, wasn't it Son of Sam who said that a dog was telling him to shoot people? How foolish. If dogs could tell us to do things it'd be like, "Give me that hamburger, just set it down on the coffee table and walk away. Come on, you're full anyway. Set down the hamburger."


PGP said...

Maybe you're just not listening hard enough!!!
FWIW - I have cat's who can tell when I reach into the cupboard for a "blue" bowl...all the bowls are in the same cupboard and reaching for any other colour they won't even make the effort to lift their heads....but If so much as reach for the blue ones they are awake and alert.