Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Not Me

I figure it's best to nip these internet rumors in the bud, before they take on a life of their own. You may have heard:

Ageing actor Sylvester Stallone is to revive another of his most famous film characters - John Rambo - for one last mission.

But unlike his character in last year's Rocky Balboa, in which he was acclaimed for having a buff body, he will use a 30-year-old body double.
OK, so listen to me now, hear me later: It's not me. OK, the rumor may spread anyway but it won't be because of neglected bud-nipping on my part.


MikeZ said...

Bringing Rambo back is certainly a good thing. We need his type - but only of the Bad Guys are not thinly disguised as Zoroastrians or Fanatic Quakers.

However, time takes its toll on the best of us, and Grandpa Stallone is no exception.

If indeed there's a 30-something who bears a passable resemblance to the venerable actor, he should be brought in as John Rambo Jr, bravely carrying on his father's fight aganst evil. The aging father figure could even appear in a few opening scenes, wishing Godspeed to his plucky young son, just before the dramatic shot of his drinking an entire glass of raw egg and prune juice.