Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The First Woman President?

Look John, I'm sorry. I sit down at the computer intending to carry out my assignment of vilifying Hillary, but before Photoshop even opens I find myself wondering what you'd look like in an Easter bonnet. I can't help myself.

And I know the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy can get by without me, but really, when I drop the ridicule-Hillary ball, well that just means some other worker bee has to ridicule her twice as much.

Maybe I can get a transfer to the John Kerry desk.

OK, late homework:

Remember that picture of Hillary greeting an old friend? Hillary is saying, "Oh, how nice to see... MY DEAR GOD! Beelzebub is clawing his way out of your neck!"
(I over sepia-ed Hillary so you could tell which one is her)


Stone said...

Oh, we know which one is her. Believe me, we know which one...