Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Impeach Gunner Dick?

I'll admit to pretty much discounting anything that Dennis J. Kucinich says these days. Him drawing up articles of impeachment for Dick Cheney is pretty much classic Dennis Kucinich - a little silly, not to be taken seriously.

Much of what he proposes is impractical. His peace-in-Iraq plan point 5 is: "Prepare an international security peacekeeping force to move in, replacing U.S. troops, who then return home." Well duh. Why didn't we think of that? Maybe because any nation willing to send peace keepers is already there. But if Kucinich wants to round up more peacekeepers, I think he should get right on it. Let us know how you do with the French Dennis.

Course, Kucinich used to think the US had a role in keeping the peace. The following are all Dennis J. Kucinich quotes, from the floor of the House:

Blessed are the peacemakers.

We are able to make peace because we are the strongest nation in the world. We are able to make peace because we have been committed to peace.

Listen to the words of John F. Kennedy's inaugural. He said that we have been unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been committed and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.
Let us remember why we sent troops to Bosnia in the first place. Exactly 50 years after the Nazis and their atrocities, another genocide occurred in Europe as a result of nationalism, racial and religious hatred, and the obsession to create ethnically pure states. The international community stood silently by as more than 2 million people were displaced and more than 200,000 human beings were killed, and horrendous acts of torture, systematic rape, and similar expressions of barbarity ensued. There is universal consensus that to protect human beings against gross violations of their basic human rights is no longer considered interfering with the internal affairs of the state. It is no longer a European problem, it is a world problem, it is a world responsibility and as the most powerful Nation in the world it is also our responsibility.

If incidents like these can continue, albeit on a drastically reduced scale, where for example in Mostar recently, a 70-year-old woman's door was kicked in, she was torn from her bed, killed, wrapped in sheets and dumped in a field along the highway. Within days, a soldier and his family moved into her apartment. No charges filed. No arrests made.

If incidents like these can continue, what will happen if we pull out of an area? What will happen to the peace? What will happen to our troops? What will happen to the survivors of genocide? The ghosts of Branjevo are watching. The ghosts of Srebrenica are watching.
Now we have heard from sources here today. Let me quote a few sources.

General Wesley Clark, Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. He says, if this resolution passes, it will say to our troops and to everyone else that being there was a mistake; we did not really mean it when we sent our troops to Bosnia. He says, it would undercut all our efforts in Bosnia if this resolution passes.

General Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said, pulling U.S. forces out of Bosnia would cripple the mission at a critical time when we are achieving success in that troubled country.

I met with the widows. I saw places destroyed as a result of this war. But I also saw a people who are struggling to rebuild. I saw a nation which has hope because the United States of America has stood by its commitment for freedom and justice, because the United States of America, a leader of 34 nations, has said that we are not going to let genocide exist anywhere in the world.
What changed Dennis? You think there won't be carnage if we leave? Or does your Croatian ancestry cause you to care much about Slavic people; about Middle Eastern people, not so much?

The despicable Harry Reid, Dennis Kucinich, and the other cut and run democrats should remember that as they make their plans to abandon the Iraqis, the ghosts of the Sunni triangle are watching. The ghosts from the rape rooms, the ghosts from the wood chippers, are watching.