Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Root Causes

Here's something to make you think:

SECURITY surrounding the Dalai Lama has been tightened after reports of an attempt by the al-Qa'ida-linked terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba to assassinate the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader.
So the question is: What has the Dalai Lama done to anger them so? Is he a liar-liar-liar, or is he out to make his oil company friends rich?

Ah, but the article goes on to say:
In a recent document, Osama bin Laden denounced "pagan Buddhism" as part of his general attack on anything not Islamic.

The assassination threat picked up by Indian authorities is thought to be based on bin Laden's denunciation and the extremist jihadi movement's hatred for anything and anyone that is not Muslim.
Ah-ha! So maybe Nancy Pelosi has the right idea. Put on the headscarf and avoid their wrath. Isn't it just like the oafish Republicans to anger bin Laden, and put us all at risk, by arrogantly continuing to not be Muslim?