Thursday, April 12, 2007

While I Was Out Vexing the Animals

I found time to tame the wild rivers. Here I am, staring certain death in the eye, well, maybe it was more of a staring certain wetness in the eye, on the wild river. That's Skyler, the guide, behind me saying, "dude, you've become masterful, and I'm so glad you've quit falling in the river."

And here I am in the forest again, with the kid. This is in front of the General Sherman tree. I think it was Theodore Roosevelt who named many of the giant sequoias after civil war figures. The kid and I took turns telling foreign tourists that the General Sherman was so named because at the end of the war he was drug out in the middle of the night and hung from this tree. "Terrible chapter in our nation's history etc...." We had much the same story for the General Grant.

So Friday is travel again... up at 4:30 to get my airport pat-down. Then it's a few quick patrols around the airport to make sure there's no unfamiliar praying going on, then onto the plane for a quick check for foreign accents, and we're on our way back... OK, ok, I was just trying to rile ACLU googlers, but I will be checking for anyone with more than 3 oz.s of liquid. I just don't feel safe flying when I know there's a tube of hand lotion on board.