Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just Kidding

Over at the Huffington Post Sheryl and Laurie explain that it was all just a joke. Nope, I don't buy it:

Obviously, we were very surprised that Mr. Rove found discussing such an important issue to be insulting. However, rather than continuing to focus on the encounter itself, can we now focus on the urgent need to act on global warming? We would welcome the opportunity to engage directly with the Bush administration in a constructive conversation about solutions to the global warming crisis.

And by the way guys, the toilet paper thing...it was a JOKE!
I'm sure they would welcome the opportunity to engage the administration directly. Every administration has millions of citizens who would like to directly interface with the executive branch. Most of us understand that the administration has work to do and doesn't have time to grant millions of people "direct" engagement. What sets the Charmin Sisters apart from the rest of us?

Do they want a hand in shaping policy because they're respected climatologists? Or is it a rich girl thing? Do they just expect to get whatever they ask for? Regardless, they can engage the government the same way the rest of us do: They can write letters, call agencies, e-mail their congressman, and complain about taxes. Or hire someone to complain about taxes for them.

As for the joke... Reder TJ Martin sends in:

When toilet paper is outlawed, only outlaws will have toilet paper.

Oh yeah, this joke could go on awhile.


PGP said...

All I wanna do .... is wipe my bum
N I gotta feelin I'm not the only one.....