Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy at Blacksburg

I'll never understand how minds can become so twisted as to think that taking innocent souls out of this world is a desirable thing. Not one, not two, and certainly not thirty.

So it's happened again. All we can do now is pray for the families and the souls of the lost loved ones. And pray that our loved ones will never fall victim to this sort of insanity.

Not much funny to write about today.

Reading the blogs... I have to think that using this horror to advance your political argument, whether it's for gun control, or for concealed-carry, or for whatever reason, is kind of sick too. I understand people have strong convictions on these subjects, but now isn't the time.


PGP said...

You are right about the gun / anti gun hysteria!

Bitch is that someone had a gun and killed a bunch of someones without them.

So IMO someone should have had a gun to put the POS out of business!
With apologies ..... to the sensitive!

lumberjack said...

No, you're just expressing anger, not making political hay. Michelle Malkin says that the NYT lead editorial tomorrow is a play on the tragedy to advance gun control... which, what? was probably predictable, right? And others will do it too; right down to the 2008 candidates making the rounds.

Papa Ray said...

Being insensitive and all, my question is...will this get the democrats off of the AG's ass and Iraq?

Or how about the fake president's trip to Iran, will this delay that historic event?

Will this slow down or stop our American Educational System from teaching liberal socialist crap to our kids?

Oh well, who cares, it will all wind up to be the rights fault or Bushitler's fault.

No matter what the truth is.

The liberals have the best PR and Media, and they know how to use it.

Papa Ray

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I read it was a 9mm and a .22 pistol.

Honestly, that would be the second worst way to get shot that I can think of-- neither of those does much damage, for guns, but they're (obviously) enough to kill you. I hunted RABBITS with a .22 and it still took a poorly-aimed shot a while to kill the poor things.

I'm sick picturing being stuck in a building and either slowly dying from a shot like that, or being the (untrained) kid trying to patch up my classmate.

I think folks are politicising it because every time there is a school shooting, they try to ban guns. Why not ban *bleep*s every time there's a rape....

Sorry, bad mood. Anybody in the area that wants to help, apparently St. Mary's is stepping up, you can google their site for contact info quickly.

Gino said...

morbid thought, i know: but at least now Imus no longer a discussion topic.