Monday, April 30, 2007

The WaPo Goes Rogue

Like Jack Bauer, the Washington Post has thrown out the rule book and gone rogue. They dare to notice hypocrisy of John Travolta, who like most celebrities who exhort us to stop using carbon, can count his energy use in dinosaurs per day. Are they going to notice St Al's energy use next? Or, and I suspect this is the case, are they just going to do this once, throw Travolta to the lions, and ignore the rest of the fumes that rise from wherever Gore, David, Crow, etc go?

This graphic, BTW, is for just one of Al Gore's homes. He owns at least three... not that he's been in any of them lately. He's been flying around the world pumping up the urban legend and getting rich(er) in the process. Think the WaPo will look into his emissions? His income?


Wally Ballou said...

And where did big Al's big money come from? Not from tobacco - from oil (boo, hisss). Not just oil, but Occidental Petroleum - a company not only utterly corrupt, but in bed with Joe Stalin and all his successors. Don't take my word for it:


Note this is from Salon - not exactly part of the VRFWC. Still, the MSM has always been profoundly incurious about this aspect of Al's past.

Wally Ballou said...

VRFWC? Vast right-freaking-wing conspiracy?

lumberjack said...

Yup, I checked my membership card. Vast right-freaking-wing conspiracy it is.

MikeZ said...

At least Travolta is a pilot, and knows how to fly one (or more) of those planes.

That puts him in a class apart from Gore &c - and in a class with Bush (fighter pilot).