Thursday, October 12, 2006

Are Attitudes Changing?

From the IHT, an article, Moderate Europeans losing faith in Islam:

........The subsequent Madrid and London transit bombings and the murder of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Dutch-born Muslim stand as examples of the extreme. But many Europeans - even those who generally support immigration - have begun talking more bluntly about cultural differences, specifically about Muslims' deep religious beliefs and social values, which are far more conservative than those of most Europeans on issues like women's rights and homosexuality.
But this is what jumped out at me:
Many Muslims say this new mood is suddenly imposing expectations that Muslims be exactly like their European hosts.
And that's where they've got it wrong. The Muslim community would be doing fine if it could keep it's "youths" from rioting, and it's kooks from blowing things up.


sbk said...

What jumps out at me is how they refer to Muslims' beliefs as "far more conservative", as opposed to "radical" or "extreme." Obviously, being "conservative" is a bad thing...(at least ot the press)

lumberjack said...

Yeah, once you've gotten to the point of stoning gays to death, I'd say you're a bit past "conservative".