Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Should Have Been Longer

Say hello to your sinkmode Mr. Briggs

Almost killing Billy Leeson should have brought Christiaan Briggs much more time in jail. Claiming to be a peace activist shouldn't be a mitigating factor if you've shown yourself to be an entirely unpeaceful person. Only hitting the people who anger you is not peaceful.

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PGP said...

Send him to Canada to serve out his sentence in a small town bar.
We have a way of dealing with cheap shot sucker punch goons who think their "shit don't stink"........

BTW - were sending back your pervert teacher from Buffalo! Well maybe....

I guess we are going to be the gulag for foreign assholes to serve their time.

lumberjack said...

Sorry, they made us get rid of all the other secret prisons.

One bright spot: We never followed through on the threat to export all our leftist Film Actors Guild types after GWB was reelected.