Monday, October 23, 2006

Briggs to Spread the Message in Prison

Well, eight months is a lot less punishment than his victim received, but at least Christiaan Briggs will get some time in jail. Why not five years? Maybe the court took into account the fact that the defense was able to tell a good joke in the face of adversity:

In mitigation Bartholomew Casella said Briggs was a "committed pacifist" and was "absolutely horrified by his behaviour".

He told the packed courtroom that Briggs was a man of "far beyond good character, quite an exceptional young human being who has devoted a lot of time to helping others, who has rather selflessly gone about in his own way trying to make the world a better place."


hooey80 said...

In the sentence itself, it's remarkable how far the judge has gone to indulge Briggs' elaborately false sense of grandeur: an "utterly decent" man whose refined interests in the high arts proves his inner goodness? Not the Christiaan I was aware of. Well before this attack, those who knew him can attest he was a jealous, temperamental loon, obsessed with his shallow credentials as a bumper-sticker socialist and computer-bound "activist". Reality was, if you were ever in the mood to be attacked by a chauvinist dunce, Briggsy was your man, long before Billy Leeson came into the picture. Hurray world, 8 months without him!

Anonymous said...

8 months- read 4 months jail time.

This peice fof shit should be breaking rocks for a couple of years, with a extra couple of years for being a complete and utter twat!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he gets a bit of "prison justice" while he is in there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the inmates will give him the Jeff Dahmer treatment? It certainly sounds like he's got the personality for provoking such a reaction ;->