Friday, October 27, 2006

Shots Not Worth It?

I'm reading nothing but nonfiction today. (it's ok, I'll catch up on the HuffiePost on the weekend maybe) Anyway, here's bad news:

FLU vaccines may be far less effective at combating seasonal outbreaks than previously thought, researchers say, adding that they may not be worth the cost and effort required to produce them.

According to a review published today, there is little clinical evidence that the vaccines reduce deaths significantly, hospital stays and time off work among those most at risk from seasonal flu, including the over-65s and those with chronic heart and lung conditions.
What? I thought testing the effectiveness of the vaccine would have been an ongoing thing. I've been getting these things every year, sometimes having to elbow my way through the elderly to get to the head of the line. Now they say the shots may not work?


PGP said...

Unfortunately... there is a rule of diminishing returns with vaccines.
The more you use them the less effective they are.
There are never guarantees that they will work either.
Best to save them for real emergencies.
Most people who get flu shots do not need them and most who do need them in advance are not getting them.
You my friend should not be wasting your time with them.