Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Democrats Find Their Voice

Up until now, the only concrete Democrat Party plan boiled down to: "Our plan isn't to cut and run." Well, that's what they say anyway. But now it seems they're getting their act together. Their new message, possibly still being fine-tuned, is: "Foley is a homo." Great vision for America, maybe not as ambitious as it could be, but it's a start.

***Update:Passionate America claims to have found out who the page from the ABC IM's is. And he seems to have been an adult at the time of the yucky conversations. No, it's still not right to take sexual advantage of the naive.

Anyway, the democrat's platform wobbles. Perhaps if they can find a some Republican with an undocumented housekeeper they can get right again.


Party_of_Odd said...

There's a third plank to their platform: vote for us 'cause you're stupid and we're not.