Friday, October 20, 2006

Kim Jong Il'in

So now he's "sorry"? Guess that makes it all right then.
If it was a nuclear test. What has me befuddled is why China let it get this far. Il isn't classical run through the streets in your underwear crazy, but neither is he the most stable kid on the block. I can't imagine China wanting him to have sharp sticks to play with, um, in their back yard. OK analogies end.

Did you see the SK anti-US protests though? Not that there were many people at them, maybe a hundred or so. But still. There were many more pro-US anti-NK protesters. Like these guys:

Who were big time Il-haters and seem to have had some kind of grievance against Big Bird as well.


Jeff said...

The Big Bird line started me chuckling. I would look at the drawing and repeat the line in my mind until it became all out laughter. Thanks

Wrymouth said...

Ever wonder what the colonists felt like with King George III in control? If you talk to a South Korean, you'd probably get a feel for those by-gone days of the 1700's.