Thursday, October 19, 2006


You've probably seen links to the CNN snuff films already so I won't bother linking it here. If you want to let CNN know how you feel about this sort of thing though, you can do so here.
Me, I used profanity.

Know how the news organizations put an "(R)" or a "(D)" after lawmakers names? Well I've only been to the CNN site lately because I wanted to be first with the news when they started changing it to "(RG)" or "(RH)" republican-gay, or republican-homo. I don't think I care anymore. You're dead to me CNN. I rend my flannel shirt.

James Taranto nails it:

By airing this video, CNN is participating in what it acknowledges is "a P.R. campaign aimed at influencing the American public" in ways favorable to America's enemies. And the network does not even seem to realize what a shocking admission this is.
Is CNN aware just how damaging this video is to the country? I think so. Also from Taranto:
Tet, that is, was a military victory for the U.S. that turned into a propaganda victory for the communists because American journalists presented a false picture of what had happened.

The media today are eager to repeat their "success" in Vietnam--and it was a success inasmuch as the media were hugely influential over the course of events. But from a journalistic standpoint it was a gross failure. The real lesson of Vietnam is that journalists got the story wrong. We are not at all convinced that the American people are about to get fooled again.


Anonymous said...

CNN shows this video - but they're too cowardly to show a few cartoons. Nuff said!