Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley, the List, and the Left

The Gay Patriot asks:

But my question is…. why have our national gay organizations (HRC, Log Cabin, NGLTF) not stepped in to stop this witchhunt which originated on the Gay Left in the first place? I think we know the answer. Tolerance and diversity of opinion is a one-way street for the Gay Liberals and their masters in the Democrat Party.

By the way, the only people that are advancing or talking “The List” that I’ve seen are Liberals! And that List was begun by Gay Leftists years ago.
And I have to wonder why anyone thinks that attacking gay republicans will help their cause. Only a very small (kook) minority actually would change their vote because a congressman or his staffer is gay. Can the people behind this think that all conservatives are homophobes? And I can answer that, sure they do - because they picture their opposition as two dimensional characters, homophobic, bigoted, religious fanatics. Good, liberals not knowing who we are gives us a huge advantage.


LeatherPenguin said...

This reminds me of the "Gay Marriage" crap.

"We will make "civil unions" the law of the land."

"Not Enough! We want equal status."

"Okay... you people are just as powermad pychos ready to throw gays under the bus as any fundi Repub."

"Only gays with an "R" behind their names."