Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bozo Talk

It's nice when they forget to blame Halliburton:

MSNBC's Matthews: "Why do you think we went to Iraq? The real reason, not the sales pitch. Why do you think we went there?"

[Bill] Richardson:
"I believe the president wanted to avenge his father, who I think conducted a very sound foreign policy in Iraq, and the fact that it wasn't terminated, the war, that we didn't finish the job."

Matthews: "Well, do you think the impulse was Oedipal or filial?"

"Those are words that I don't understand."
Matthews is so smart. He finds subtle reasons for ousting the dictator who had used chemical weapons on civilians and refused to follow the agreed upon protocols for ensuring that he would never do it again. No simple answers for Chris. No, he is master of the 'how can I trivialize the president's efforts and make myself look smart at the same time' question. He didn't care what the answer was. And to his credit, Bill Richardson didn't answer:
Richardson: Oh it was definitely filial. I think we can all agree that it had something to do with cats.


talnik said...

Oedipal??? Gee Chris, did we invade Iraq so Bush could whack his pa and diddle his ma?
Actually, Chris sounds like someone who is NOT smart who is trying to sound smart.

Anonymous said...

Well, he doesn't know the difference between an IM and an email, if one of his recent interviews about Uncle Mark Foley was any indication.