Wednesday, October 27, 2004


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From the report from the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD:

Possible Connections to
Terrorist/Insurgent Groups

ISG uncovered evidence of a possible connection
between Al Quds program director 'Imad 'Abd-al-
Latif Al Rida and terrorist/insurgent organizations.
In December 2003 after Coalition forces captured
Saddam Husayn, a source who worked on Al Quds
claimed that Dr. 'Imad had told him that four Al Quds
UAVs were to be used as "flying bombs" to assassinate
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

According to the source, four UAVs were to be
given to a former Hamas member named "Abu
Radin" who was a friend of Saddam Husayn. Abu
Radin, who was no longer loyal to Hamas, would
take the UAVs to Jordan, install 5 kg of C4 explosive,
and use them to attack Sharon at the Wailing
Wall in Jerusalem.

Although uncorroborated, this story is similar
to the well-documented Iraqi plan to use the Al
Musayara-20 UAV as a "flying bomb."
Additionally, a document obtained by ISG reveals that
on 23 December 2000, Dr. 'Imad signed a memorandum
with the Air Force and senior members of
the Fedayeen Saddam agreeing to develop helicopter
UAVs for the Fedayeen Saddam. This memo stated
that the project had been coordinated with Huwaysh
and the work would be a cooperative effort of MIC,
the Air Force, and Fedayeen Saddam.

During initial testing, the UAV was diffi cult to control
and the test deemed a failure. As a result, all
work was suspended on the helicopter UAV project.
The prototype was destroyed by cruise missiles on
the third day of OIF.