Friday, August 28, 2020

How Committed Are You?

 Say you're an anti Trump enlightened and thoroughly woke individual. Could I get you to change your mind about him for ten dollars? How about one hundred dollars? A thousand? If I promised you ten thousand dollars to change your mind and vote for Trump, would you do it? No?

OK, so how about this, how bout if I call you names, would that make you change your mind? Or if I confronted you on the street? Roughed you up and maybe damaged your car, would that make you see things my way? Alright, what if I burned your business to the ground. That would certainly make you see things my way, right? 

No, of course not. Hard to see then why the super woke think they're advancing their cause by their actions. They're not changing any minds. And Democrat support of the tantrum hoard is driving likely voters toward Trump. 

It's a crazy world. Hope everyone is staying safe.