Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Political Rally

Here's two pictures that went together with very little effort. Scarily little effort.

Internet Censorship

"Just wait one minute boys. We women aren't
just objects put here for your amusement!"

Another Request

Down in comments, I got:

So horrible. Post something else soon, Don't want to click back and see this.

OK, message received. Hope this helps.

Speaking of disturbing images, did you see the Hillary image at Drudge?

Obviously the image was distorted through the viewfinder, but Hillary has had trouble with cameras interpreting her pixels before:

Request from Citizenlurker

I try to be accommodating, and this shop was a cinch to do; but I have to wonder what was going through citizenlurker's mind when he requested this one. I know I'll sleep with the light on tonight. That is, if I can ever stop brushing and rebrushing my teeth. (click to embiggen if you've got an adventurous soul or have been drinking heavily)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Noble Minks and be Free

A mink runs past other dead animals on a road in Hiliodendro, Greece on Monday, Aug. 30. 2010. More than 50,000 minks were set loose in the area days earlier, after raids by suspected animal rights activists. Greece's National Fur Breeders Association said most of the released animals were likely to die.

Well, what did they think was going to happen?

Know what is needed now? Some other environmental group to go out and throw paint on the carcasses, shouting, "Don't wear fur, don't wear fir!" Sheesh you guys.

photo via Big Picture

For the Catists

h/t: Miss

Blam blam blam

Eventually Michelle conceded that she wasn't really trying to
explain Keynesian economics through the random shooting
of barnyard animals. "Look, I just like doing it, ok?"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meanwhile in a District Outside Kabul

A French soldier (R) of the 126 Infantry Regiment (RI) 'The Bisons'
based at Rocco Combat Out Post, tries to surrender to a chicken.

Chantal Biya

Chantal Biya was sporting the gigantic orange hairdo on a tour hosted by Mrs Obama for the spouses of heads of government attending the United Nations General Assembly


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Guys

One imagines himself to be the head of a vast and all-powerful
socialist state, and the other one is Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Oh man, there's going to be a whole new word made up to describe the brutality the IRS is going to rain down upon my head when they finally identify me as the photoshoppist:

and the disrespect continues...

Good Interview

When you've got time, there's a good interview with Thomas Sowell here. Yikes, just reread that. Let me try again: Whether you've got time, or even if you don't, there's a good interview with Thomas Sowell here. When you've got time, you can give it a listen. Well, no, again: You can give it a listen whether you've got time or not, but you'll enjoy it more if you've got time. Wait.... we've all got time... Look, just go listen to it and quit arguing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama Surveys the Health Care Industry

And... the automotive industry:

Um, and he surveys the fashion industry....

annnnd... President Obama surveys the Music Industry:

Give up? Because I can just go on and on.

OK, last one, President Obama surveys the rail industry:

And this is really the last one; Obama helps you clean your room:

New Puppy

And you'll never know what the rug looked like before I vacuumed it with photoshop.

Blind Drunk

Tequila shots: Keep trying til you get it right.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Team Effort

Something Stinky in Bell California

Over at NRO, Daniel Foster writes about the arrest of corrupt government officials in the small town of Bell California:

Bell, Calif.:population 36,664, and the poster city for fiscal dysfunction and bad government in the poster state for fiscal dysfunction and bad government.

It is a place barely two miles square — a half dozen stoplights in any direction and you’re somewhere else — a poor, predominantly Hispanic community like dozens of others in Southern California, its people eking by on a per capita income of $24,800.

So it must have come as something of a shock when, earlier this summer, Bell residents learned from a report in the LA Times that their top bureaucrat, city administrator Robert Rizzo, was earning $1.54 million annually in total compensation, while enjoying 143 (paid) sick and vacation days per year. And that Rizzo’s assistant, Angela Spaccia, was pulling down $845,960 a year. And that police chief Randy Adams, overseeing a department of 24 that had recently slashed its training budget in half, was earning $770,046.

Arrested were: a Democrat, a Democrat, a Democrat, a Democrat, a Democrat, a Democrat, a Democrat, and a Democrat. Lachlan Markay at Newsbusters noticed:
Today, eight city council members were arrested in Bell, California for what Los Angeles County District Attorney labeled "corruption on steroids." Thus far, every major news outlet that has reported on the story has omitted the fact that all eight individuals arrested are Democrats.

These glaring omissions come only weeks after NewsBusters reported that of the 351 stories on the then-brewing controversy, 350 had omitted party affiliations, and one had mentioned they were Democrats only in apologizing for not doing so sooner.

And another aspect of the case was ignored by everyone, except Are We Lumberjacks. There's a very good chance that "Rizzo", the city administrator, is actually Jiminy Glick, a Martin Short character:

Crush Them Castle

I've probably linked to this before. But it's gotten better. So go play, work again some other day.

Senior Ditch Day

Secretary Goes Back to Work After 30 Years


Monday, September 20, 2010

Christine O'Donnell News

Christine O'Donnel, Can We Trust Her?

The Republican right is swinging behind the Tea Party's beleaguered hero, Christine O'Donnell, despite a stream of revelations about her past, including the claim that as a child she often refused to share her toys.

Reporters are still digging for proof but unnamed sources say that the candidate had trouble in both preschool and kindergarten. According to one source, "Sometimes she would share for awhile, but then ask for her toy back. I think she may also been involved in an incident involving crayons and damage to a Viewmaster, but we're still gathering witnesses on that one."

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Jonah Goldberg writes:

As my wife and daughter were heading out the door this morning, to send the wee one to school, I heard the fair Jessica say “What does Gracie have in her mouth?” Gracie, if you recall, is the under-discussed cat that has joined the Goldberg Household (in the face of countless grievances filed by Cosmo the Wonderdog with the union, Amnesty International, and various other agencies, religious and civil).

Gracie likes to take a morning constitutional in the front yard. Often she and Cosmo will share space on the front porch, a canine-feline vigilance committee, that amuses the neighbors but humiliates our dog.

Anyway, my daughter responded, far more matter-of-factly than I would have ever guessed, “Oh, a chipmunk.”

Before they could close the door, Gracie brought the poor creature into the house. My wife yelled, “Daddy, Gracie has something for you” or some such and sauntered out the door...

Of course the cat dropped its prize so now they've got a chipmunk running free under the couch, and behind the TV. Which is exactly what happened with our dog. Except he brought a possum into the house.

Ever seen possum teeth? Well, I wouldn't trade a dozen angry chipmunks for one sleepy possum.

So, in the wild animals released into the house category, cats have it over dogs. Point conceded. Though to be fair, I had a hand in the possum kerfuffle. Spot, the Jack Russel, wouldn't have dropped his prey if I hadn't whacked him on the head.

Lucky for me, I happened to have a broom stick handy (having just used it to whack a dog) and the possum was chased out the back door after a mere 20 minutes of terror and broken lamps. So I guess all's well that ends well.

Not Sure About This One

I wasn't sure I should do this photoshop. I mean really, he's the president, right? But the original photo was of Sarah Palin in a straight-jacket. And she's the Sarah Palin, right? So, six of one... What's good for the goose... A stitch in time... etc.

Don't Get too Close to Your Work


Sunday, September 19, 2010

In Church News...

You knew it was coming, halfway through his presidency, Barack Obama went to church. And that's news. Thank you, 25% who thought he was a Muslim.

So to celebrate, a nun joke:

A nun is waiting for her flight. She looked over in the corner and saw one of those weight machines that tells your fortune. So, she thought to herself "I'll give it a try just to see what it tells me." She went over to the machine and put her nickel in, and out came a card that said, "You're a nun you weigh 128 lbs and you are going to Chicago."

She sat back down and thought about it. She told herself it probably tells the same thing to everyone, but decided to try it again. She went back to the machine and put her nickel in. Out came a card that read, "You're a nun, you weigh 128 lbs., you're going to Chicago, and you're going to play a fiddle." The nun said to herself, "I know that's wrong, I have never played a musical instrument a day in my life." She sat back down. From out of nowhere, a cowboy came over and set his fiddle case down next to her. The nun picked up the fiddle and just started playing beautiful music.

Startled, she looked back at the machine and said, "This is incredible. I've got to try it again." Back to the machine. In goes her nickel, out comes the card which said, "You're a nun, you weigh 128lbs., you're going to Chicago and you're going to break wind." Now, the nun knows the machine is wrong; "I've never broke wind in public a day in my life!" Well, she tripped, fell off the scales and broke wind.

Stunned, she sat back down and looked at the machine. She said to herself, "This is truly unbelievable, I've got to try it one more time." She goes back to the machine, puts in a nickel and collected the card. This time the card says, "You're a nun, you weigh 128lbs., you have fiddled and farted around and missed your flight to Chicago."

Dance Dance Dance

Not tooting my own horn or anything, but I was doing this dance long before it was cool.

h/t: bits

Friday, September 17, 2010

Air Quotes

Air Quotes: the last refuge for those facing a
shortage of things to be outraged about.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We No Speak Americano

Sometimes, when I've been at the desk so long that my butt gets numb, I realize that I haven't checked out Andrew Sullivan in awhile. And sometimes, like this time, I don't regret clicking on over.

h/t: Andrew "it's Palin's baby" Sullivan.

Lizard Man

Eye Before Eeee