Thursday, September 02, 2010


Street gangs hold a news conference to complain about laws being enforced:

[Superintendent] Weis vowed to use federal RICO laws against gang leaders if a member of one gang shoots a member of another.

The threat represents a new anti-violence strategy that includes seizing a gang leader's car and home.

"The general feeling out here is that [the meeting] was a trick, and we feel it is unconstitutional for a person to be declared guilty before innocent," said Jim Allen, a self-identified Vice Lord and convener of the news conference.

Police say: "We're going to get the guy who did murder."
Thug says: "It's unfair to single us out."
Thug, if you didn't do murder, you haven't been singled out.

I think it's nice that the Superintendent warned that gang leaders would be held responsible for crimes committed by their organizations. That's what RICO is about. And they've been given notice. Now the ball is in their court - either quit doing crime (which would be my choice), or community organize against laws being enforced. (which seems to be the way they're going)

I'd say "good luck with that" but some people wouldn't be able to detect the sarcasm.