Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Democrat Goes Down

From the Politico:

Marcus Stanley, who served as a senior economic adviser and at one time worked on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee — chaired by Boxer — was stopped by a police officer Tuesday morning when he allegedly tried to “remove and conceal” a leafy green substance from his pocket during a security screening at the Constitution Avenue door of the Hart building around noon, according to a Capitol Police report.

Police confiscated the substance, which later tested positive for marijuana, and Stanley quickly resigned.

“Marcus Stanley is no longer with this office,” Boxer spokesman Zachary Coile told POLITICO. “He submitted his resignation, and Sen. Boxer accepted it because his actions yesterday were wrong and unacceptable. Plus, well he lost her bag of ganja.

OK, he didn't really say that. Hey, but that reminds me: did you see the news about the Paris Hilton cocaine bust, how she lost her chance to say it was someone else's handbag because she had twitted about how much she loved the bag a month earlier? Me I wonder if she was going to pay someone to step forward and claim ownership. Put that on your resume. Worked for Paris Hilton for 18 months, duties included being in prison and avoiding women-behind-bars scenarios.