Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Now I'm Hungry

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Red meats and processed meats such as
hot dogs appear to increase the risk of diabetes, as does a heavily
"Western" diet, according tonew research released Monday.

Run for your lives.
It's getting to where you can't eat anything without first doing a risk assessment.
The above article was a downer but less so now that I've googled "Teresa T Fung",
the author of the study. Seems her favorite area of study is red meat. (it will give
you heart disease/stroke, it will cause you to absorb a 'non-human protein', it will
make you fat, it causes corrosion on your barbeque grill, it's, even at this moment,
starting a fire in your refrigerator) Sheesh. Why don't they ever identify themselves
as don't-eat-the-animal fanatics at the beginning of the article? Well, Fung is
an easy name to remember. Next year, when she comes out with a definitive study
linking red meat and poor gas mileage, I'll take it with a grain of salt. (and pepper)