Thursday, July 16, 2009

Karl Rove in the WSJ

That Karl Rove piece on the stimulus whacks the nail on the head. The money isn't going out the door. We continue losing jobs. Plus, with every hopey-changey idea we go deeper in debt:

So what's a president to do when the promises he made about his economic stimulus program fail to materialize? If you're Barack Obama, you redefine your goals and act as if America won't remember what you said originally. That's a neat trick if you can get away with it, but Mr. Obama won't. His words are a matter of public record and he will be held to them.

When it came to the stimulus package, the president and his administration promised, in the words of National Economic Director Larry Summers, "You'll see the effects begin almost immediately." Now it's clear that those promised jobs and growth haven't materialized.

Joe "Gee, we didn't know it was this bad" Biden is sure there's nothing wrong with the stimulus package. How could there be? They spent many long hard moments skimming parts of it before ramming it down our throats. If there were any flaws, certainly brief perusals would have found them.