Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reset the Reset

Remember when Hillary presented the Russian foreign minister with Obama's "Reset Button"? (except, Obama, so the Russian label translated to something like "cornflakes that your mother purchased")

That was the era of talk to your enemies what can it possibly hurt. Obama was going to get along with the mullahs and reset the Russians and butterflies were going to encircle the earth.

Well, it seems the world doesn't respond to Obama quite the way it did in his sophomoric imagination. The above photoshop is from a Russian Live Journal site, and it's one of the tamer ones.

One photo (that I won't post) sums up what seems to be the current Russian attitude: it's a dog poop with a little American flag flying from the summit.


Gino said...

world historians will remember Obama as the largest practical joke played on a nation since Caligula (as well as the movie version).

but our own historians will still be praising him...

Anonymous said...

"You may have a phone, and a pen. I have a pair (of scissors), and you don't. When I'm done, you're going to need that phone to call an ambulance, and that pen to authorize treatment." - Putin