Monday, August 03, 2015

Barack Obama is Fixin Stuff Again

The White House sends me their "dear idiot" letters because they think I'm a big supporter of Barack Husain Obama. This latest one starts out: (emphasis mine)

Our biggest step yet in fighting climate change:President Obama just announced America's Clean Power Plan -- the biggest and most important step our country has taken in the fight against climate change. 
Our power plants are responsible for about a third of America's carbon pollution -- more than our cars, airplanes, and homes combined -- and that pollution is fueling climate change. But until now, there have never been federal limits on how much carbon pollution existing power plants can generate...
  What he's talking about is his move to shut down all coal fired power generation. And he claims that our power plants put out more CO2 than cars, airplanes, and homes combined. Just how does he think our homes get their electricity? I get mine from those power plants.  Idiot

Destroying the coal industry and raising energy prices is all well and good, I mean, we have to destroy America somehow, and collapsing the economy is as good a way as any. But it's a pipe dream to think this will have any effect on the climate at all.

China puts out nearly twice the CO2 we do and their trend is upward. Our trend is downward, thanks to a president who knows how to throttle growth.

And anyway, the world's 34.6 million kt won't be much changed even if we cut our emissions by half. (2.6 million kt) Also, cutting CO2, a proxy for energy use, by half will make us all envious of the Kenyan economy. Maybe that was the point all along.

Meanwhile, there will be almost no American manufacturing and all of our Dollar Stores will have changed to Eight Dollar Stores. Way to go B.O.


OregonGuy said...

If you disagree with the President, you are either ignorant, or mis-leading the American people.

So, which is it?

Mike_W said...

Obama is a catastrophe, wrapped in a disaster.

lumberjack said...

Hmm, a cataster. Or, maybe disastrophe.

As to whether I'm ignorant or misleading, I, like most Obama supporters, am both.