Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Dairy Dairy Quite Contrary

I use real cream, love butter, and drink whole milk.

I long ago gave up trying to justify my Dairy Lust to other people. After all, the government said to avoid dairy fat, and the government is sometimes right. Right? Well, not this time:

One of the flaws of nutrition studies is that they rely on people to accurately recall what they’ve eaten over the course of a year. Those recollections are vulnerable to inaccuracy, especially for dairy fats which can be found in small amounts in many different foods. This inaccuracy may be one of the reasons studies have yielded contrary results on the link between milk and heart disease. 
To improve estimates, Otto and Mozaffarian used a blood sample for each of more than 2,800 U.S. adults. Using the blood sample, they could detect how much dairy fats each had consumed. And over the eight-year follow up period, those who had consumed the most dairy fat were far less likely to develop heart disease compared to those who had consumed the least.

Course, it will take years for the zeitgeist to change. People still avoid salt and think styrofoam cups harm the ozone layer. I won't try to change anyone's mind; I'm content to nibble on my salted stick of butter and watch the parade.