Friday, November 20, 2015

Jimmy Carter Celebrates

No longer the worst president!


OregonGuy said...

Attack in Mali.

First thought? Those damned Presbyterians!

We'll have to wait and see if I am right.

talnik said...

Whenever I see this photo of Carter I think "Where are his hands?"

kdfthe said...

Carter failed to stand up to the Iranians during the hostage crisis.
Reagan portrayed a strong America during his campaign and thus the Iranians released the hostages on inauguration day. The Democrats still can't figure that out.
Bush 1 pushed Hussein back into Iraq and put restrictions on Iraq.
Clinton abandoned enforcing the victory against Hussein and thus he returned to his same old ways.
Bush 2 removed Hussein for good. Replaced with a government more likely to not be seriously at odds with America.
Obama abandoned Iraq and allowed and cheered when the radical elements took over.
Hillary killed off Gaddafi. Who had become more agreeable to the west. And Libya has become a hot bed of radical islam.
Obama helped and cheered to dispose Mubarak who had been a friend of the west. Even the Egyptian people disagreed with that and removed the Brotherhood.
Obama cheered the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as the Arab spring as it was a great thing.
Obama has tried to remove Assad - who is fighting against ISIS.
Obama's support of radical islam is leading us into WWIII.
My conclusion is ALL Democrat Presidents are the worst presidents ever. Same for the Democrat Secretary's of State.