Sunday, November 08, 2020

The Mechanics of Cheating

 I started thinking about this when I heard some democrat say, "Don't be alarmed if Trump is winning on Nov. 3 because when the mail in ballots are counted Biden will win."

Daydreaming about how I would cheat if it were me I realized that it would have to be a limited number of actors. You would have to use a minimum number of actual ballot writers and ballot transporters. If you had an army of confederates the chances are good that you would inadvertently include someone who would rat out the whole operation. 

But it would take an army to fill out hundreds of thousands or millions of fake ballots completely.  

Now I hear that they've found 450,000 ballots marked only for Joe Biden. No other candidates selected, just Joe Biden. In my daydream election heist that is what I feared would get me caught. 


Foxfier said...

Took me about three minutes to fully vote-- Iowa, double-checked my votes, etc.

To fill out just one, I could do at least one every ten seconds.

Figure a 10 minute break an hour, so 50*6=300 an hour.

Six hours of work a day, 1,800 a person.

Round it up to 2k a day a person, easy, assuming nobody did something like have three people circling a table, one marking, one laying ballots down, one picking them up-- oooh, or taking a pile, shuffling it sideways enough to see the dots, and doing it that way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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kc duffy said...

The minions wouldn't even have to be well paid, would they...