Saturday, March 19, 2005

the mind boggles

From Leftwing Media Machine How to get the liberal "message" out there? Splice it to a porn video, of course:

I suggest that leftists learn how to make porn videos. Integrate the teaching of progressive ideas and progressive-oriented contemporary history with the "plot" of the porn video. If you have a high quality video, you could attract a large, albeit male, audience. You could use willing and attractive progressive females, or, seeing as how digital cameras are getting ever cheaper, and broadband is everywhere, raise funds to do it in 3rd world country--outsource the creation of progressive porn.

Then distribute it for free on the p2p networks. And the good thing about good video that has been distributed on the p2p networks--it becomes immortal: it lives on forever, traveling from computer to computer in an onanistic valhallah, forever spreading the progressive message to ever more young and impressionable American male minds.....
A good porn video might be seen by tens of millions of men.

Now, understand that this does not necessarily have to be hardcore porn. It could be something like "PROGRESSIVE GIRLS GONE WILD!". And then insert graphics or text to teach the viewer something you want them to learn about. For example, you could insert facts or graphs about how the highest marginal tax rate has been dropping as the the quality of life has also been dropping. Or you could list facts about universal healthcare in other countries. There are a hundred ways or more to get across a progressive message.

Progressive Girls Gone Wild? My poor milk squirting nose.