Friday, March 11, 2005

There's a dog under there

100_0736, originally uploaded by lumberjack.

no, really

Lucky for me, I get to tuck in the kid who owns this dog. She
is old enough to put all the monsters in the closet herself and
turn out the lights, but she humors me. Even though she knows I'll
carry on one-sided conversations with the closet monsters and
thereby make them more real. "you shelf monsters get up top; it's time
for bed. And I don't want you floor monsters crawling under the bed.
It's just too messy when you snip off children's toes and I'm tired
of cleaning up after you."
The best part of tuck-in is talking about nothing in particular. Which
just happens to be my field of expertise. Last night we talked about
the catapult we (well *I*) made for social studies. I'm pretty sure
we can put an eye out with it. [to guard against this actually happening
I cautioned strongly not to use more than 5 rubber bands.... but, there
are boys (patooie) in the group, and I suspect the device has been stretched
to it's operational limits -- after the first day I had to make a
new throwing arm -- the old one had mysteriously snapped] Our ammo is
broken erasers and Barbie heads by the way. It's the only way to fight
a war.