Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Next Meeting

Darnit. I was hoping we would have more meetings of the
Used-Up Hippie Society before this one. It's Ed's funeral
this time. Which, we knew was coming, only I was looking
for it to be a few years or at least months down the road.
Not days down the road dammit.

Just dammit. So now it's time to get the black suit cleaned again.
Plus even the hotels are going to be a challenge. Here's what I
came up with:
2 Queens - Smoking Hairdryer-hbo Or Sho
-clk Radio-shampoo Inviting Comfortable
And A Great Value AAA Rate
Id Required For AAA And CAA Members Only
Valid Member Id Reqd At Checkin

So I have to share the room with two queens and a smoking hairdryer?
Man they make you jump through hoops to get the discount rate. But I guess
I can put up with it if I get the $70/night rate. Sure. And the queens
can have the radio-shampoo -- I'll bring my own.

Even more friends will be coming this time. Some from far away -- but
this is just about the most crapful way to meet them that there could
possibly be.


Anonymous said...

I'm so very very sorry for this latest loss.


lumberjack said...

I know. [and thanks] I'm thinking it's time to create a pact in which everyone promises to live forever. Anyone who breaks their promise is out of the club.