Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fiscal Cliffhanger

I can't believe some photogs are still going for shots like this. Haven't we had enough of this sort of thing?

On plan B, I'm OK with it. I'm even OK with a complete cave on taxes, so long as we say, "OK, now you campaigned on a balanced plan. We must have budget cuts and entitlement reform as well. And a promise of reform and cuts down the road isn't good enough."

I'm ok with a cave on taxes because we don't have the Senate or the Executive branch, they do. And anyway, this is not about taxes. We're talking about a 4% hike in one tax bracket. Sure, any hike is detrimental but it isn't as bad as ignoring spending will be. And the Senate and Obama flatly refuse to compromise on tax hikes.

Obamacare is going to throttle the economy. We, as individuals, will have to work harder just to keep our heads above water. I'm convinced that is going to happen. And I'm not OK with conservative fiscal policy being blamed for it. The fiscal cliff fall is all they'll need to pin the blame on Republicans.

Will we get blamed anyway? Sure, and the public doesn't do math, so it may not help to have facts on our side. But allowing them to blame a fiscal cliff fall on us is a guaranteed loser.