Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Wish Him Gratitude

I get it now. It's comedy.

Sean Penn starts out normally; leading you to expect the usual commie blah blah.. the people, blah, unity, blah, stay out of our uterus... But half way through he goes full-Spicoli. You can hear the translator freeze just for a moment, thinking, "oh no, did I hear that right? Oh man, they're going to think this is me..."


citizenlurker said...

It's almost the "Jerry Lewis is admired by the French" syndrome.

Perhaps it is precisely because the Colombians have everything he says translated by a lucid and intelligent person afraid for his or her own life that Penn can enjoy such status there.

Talnik said...

See what pot does to you? Show this to your kids and they'll never touch the stuff