Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Waiting on Die Erderwärmung

Here's some good news mixed in with the inaugural newsgasm - The world is starting to admit that the temperature hasn't risen in the last 15 years:

Kautenburger writes that the “authorities have corrected their climate projections significantly downwards” and quotes veteran German meteorologist Klaus E. Puls:

Nature is behaving differently than what the models predicted. However, that fact is being ignored. [...] Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but its impact is being completely exaggerated. Puls says that the correction by the Met Office is a sign that there’s a change in thinking taking place. Climate science is too politicised. We need an open and fair discussion.“

Like Spiegel, the HAZ also writes that “climate scientists are puzzled” and adds.

The uncertainty shows, if anything, one thing: The climate is still mostly misunderstood. Foremost short-term trends are uncertain, concedes climate scientist Mojib Latif of the Geomar Center for Ocean Science in Kiel.”

This is great because the American Left has a political crush on Euro socialists. Well, on all things Euro really. It's the teenage "why don't we have youth hostels, ganja cafés, and a National Health Service? Gaahh!" all grown up and gone political.

Won't it be nice to point to enlightened Europeans when arguing AGW with liberals? Well ok, I don't argue with them so much as throw rocks at them from posts like this one.

Leonardo DiCaprio says, "I would like to improve the world a bit. I will carbon-fart around the world doing good for the environment." Perhaps he'll descend from the CO2 long enough to actually take in this information that the average global temp isn't changing.

Oh, I know; right now Michael Mann is probably working out some theory claiming that the warming is here, it's just hidden inside sea otters or African spiders or some such. But for now, I'm optimistic.