Monday, March 17, 2014

Compare Coverage

You only need to watch a minute of this anti-Putin protest in Moscow. I only post it to show how many people were at the "March for Peace" and to ask a question.

You can see that the street is packed and the line goes on for as far as you can see. The crowd is well mannered but vocal. They oppose Russian intervention in Ukraine.

My question is this: Even employing thuggish tactics, can Vladimir Putin keep this out of the mainstream Russian media as thoroughly as the "March for Life" is kept out of American mainstream media?

Which is the propaganda rag, Pravda or the Washington Post?


Veeshir said...

I'm sort of surprised they don't look for some Larouchies or crazed counter-protestors and try to make them the poster boys for the protests.

Maybe you should be happy they're not paying attention.

Look at what they've done for the Tea Party events.